Please Show Your Support!

Dear Pennsylvania Reality Tour Directors & Volunteers,

Please take a minute to advocate for prevention for families in Pennsylvania via the Governor’s Office. Please let our Governor know of your Reality Tour’s reach and success.

Consider asking the Governor to investigate recent PA DDAP actions taken against Reality Tour – the most popular prevention program in the state for parents and children.  DDAP’s inaccurate ‘scare tactics’ brand for Reality Tour was emailed all over the state, harming Reality Tour and disrespecting hundreds of volunteer hours. This brand by DDAP took away all state funds associated with our grassroots prevention effort.

Ask for MORE parent/child programs for the general public.  Indicate that DDAP’s strategy for families reaches just 15 families at a time in only 12 PA communities. This will not stop an epidemic.  But above all – share the success of your Reality Tour!

Here is the link so you can send an email  Governor Wolf

Keep this contact handy and share your success after every program and ask for the best for PA families. It is wrong to withhold vital information from families.

We encourage all Reality Tours everywhere to share your event reports, best practices and feedback from attendees with your states/provinces governor and all your local representatives! Invite them all to attend one of your upcoming Reality Tours.

Reality Tour Best Practice Awards!

Congratulations go out to two of our Reality Tour sites in Pennsylvania!

Jefferson-Co-RT-circleJefferson County, PA Reality Tour– Brockway School District Superintendent, Mr. Dan Hawkins and Reality Tour volunteer Fran Morelli Jr. made an effort to increase attendance for their Reality Tour’s this month by personally calling parents who haven’t turned in their registration forms. They went from 18 registered to over 70 in attendance. They even had local representatives attend their program. Way to go! For your successful effort to increase attendance CANDLE, Inc. is proud to award you this Reality Tour Best Practice badge! Keep up the great work!

belle-vernon-badge-2-circle.pngBelle Vernon Area, PA Reality Tour-In December of last year, the community of Belle Vernon organized a Homes for the Holidays Tour and the committee voted unanimously to donate proceeds of $3,000 to the Belle Vernon Reality Tour. Directors wish to use these funds for a billboard campaign in August and are working with our office on the design. For this we are happy to award your second Reality Tour Best Practice badge for receiving generous support from your community! Congratulations!


Encouraging Words from a Parent

CANDLE, Inc. Board Member & Seneca Valley School District Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Matthew McKinley received this email from a parent who attended the Mars Reality Tour (Thursday, February 11). Thank you for sharing this with us Dr. McKinley!

These words have inspired us all to keep doing Reality Tour, despite the state’s criticism levied without ever attending or investigating our program. We’re still making a difference and having a positive impact on the families that attend our program. This feedback gives us the strength to continue to educate families the way we’ve been doing so since 2003. Thank you Seneca Valley School District for your continuous support of our program and partnership over the last few years!

I just wanted to thank you for the Seneca Valley School District being so supportive of the Reality Tour substance abuse prevention program. My wife and I took our two sons to the program several years ago and we took our 6th grade daughter to the program last night. It is a great resource for parents and students in the fight against substance abuse.

My wife and I like a couple of things:

  1. the information about the types of drugs, old and new; the latest trends of use/abuse
  2. I feel the “drama” is effective for the kids to see the negative effects of using and abusing drugs
  3. the testimonies of the youth at the end of the program

I find it baffling that someone would think this program isn’t and can’t be effective.